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Utility Installation

Utilities are essential infrastructure for any development. Laying them correctly to meet the design plans of the structure and to ensure code compliance takes an expert approach. Trust APN Companies to provide you with comprehensive utility installation, whether that means water, sewer, gas, electric, telecom or some combination of all five. We are an underground utility construction company tackling projects across the Middle Tennessee area, bringing complete capabilities to the table as an all-in-one contractor.

We do what other underground utility contractors don’t. That means going beyond the curb, to coordinate utilities right into the home. We also offer asphalt and concrete repair after retrofits, leaving the jobsite better than when we found it.


Our experience with all major dry utilities gives us unique insight into the best approach to installing them all. Whether that means directional boring for a single utility or a staggered installation as part of early-stage site development, we’re always available to advise the most efficient approach. Everything we do is code compliant and executed with safety top-of-mind. Expect our team to handle utility installation with a rapidity that keeps your project on-schedule, right from the start. 

utilitiy installation

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Grading and Excavation
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